More About Me

Terry Brown Wellness-Focused Realtor

As a Wellness-Focused Realtor with a background as a Holistic Health Coach, I recognize to live a healthy lifestyle, is about more than diet and exercise. There are other factors that contribute to our well-being, where we live and how we live. Our home's indoor environment can affect our overall health outcome. Research has shown that the home environment can affect everything from mood and energy levels to our immune system and sleep quality.
As a wellness-focused real estate agent I assist homeowners and buyers in ways to identify homes that promote good air quality, natural lighting, and connect to green spaces, which all have a postive effect on our health. These home offer energy-efficiency, with proper insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems, and energy-saving appliances which all leads to savings on energy bills.
As a wellness focused agent I often have connections with experts that can provide professional services to homeowners and buyers who can help create a healthier home environment when needed.
I love connecting and helping clients find the healthy home of their dreams!
Your journey to a healthier lifestyle begins at home.